Weavings of the Wise & Embodied: Sharing in the Seanchaí of Sacred Stories

Within my heart of hearts, I know my soul (across lifetimes) has felt deeply connected to the medicine of storytelling.

I believe sharing in stories offers us the communal opportunity to relish in the magic that dances within and around all of us; while also bearing witness to the hallowed tales of our pains, our ailments, and our tragedies.

There is powerful alchemy found in the (he)art of stories.

“… may this be a space for your Inner Wise Woman to find solace, communion, and rest.”

Held with sacred hearth of the seanchaí, we become the Mná Feasa (Wise Women) and Mná Ghlúine (Midwives) of our souls; weaving what once hurt us into becoming our embodied wisdom and sovereign freedom.

You are the Bean Leigheas (Medicine Woman).

Within you dwells the ancient wisdom of your wise and well ancestors.

Within you resides the celestial spark of your soul’s magic - having traversed with you across timelines and incarnations.

So, while there will be stories and poetry shared from my own journey, may this be a space for your Inner Wise Woman to find solace, communion, and rest.

Weavings of the Wise and Embodied will also be the gestating place for a new project. I wish to share with you the creative process of a sacred story coming into being. For me, this is a collaborative process tended to and woven together by the guidance of my creative spirit and the spirit of the story herself.

These stories are of our world and the Otherworld. Just like you and I.

The tale coming into being feels of a homecoming, of sorts. She is a weaving of my Irish ancestry, guided by the spirits, the wisdom, and the tales held within the lands of Éire and so-called Ottawa, Canada. She calls to me as a personal tale of re-membering; a beckoning of the wise and wild woman I am destined to become. All held within the sacred circle of exploring the question: how does one find roots of home in her body and amoungst the land, in a place where her biological ancestors aren’t from?

With time, I believe this space will grow; as she reveals more about herself and her soulful purpose. That being said, I would love for it be a collaborative endeavour that we weave together. Please feel welcome comment or share what you would love to see, hear, or receive when landing here.

Míle buíochas / A thousand thanks, for choosing to share this mystically, spiralled path.

Mo ghrá go léir / All my love,


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Your Invitation…

I truly hope and envision this space as sacred grounds for authentic communion and connection. 

A place for:

The wandering souls who are following a calling.

The seeking souls in search of deeper connection within themselves.

The creative souls learning how to honour their gifts.

I believe all of us have gifts and abilities that have been a part of us across lifetimes. Some are gifts of our soul; and others are woven within the ancient wisdom of our blood and bones carried within the biology of this lifetime.

If this resonates for you; a stirring for warm, genuine, connection, community and shared stories, please feel welcome to reach out to share what you would like to see more of.

While it’s not clear to me yet what virtual gatherings for W&E might look like, I welcome your insight or feedback on what you would like to experience.

Míle buíochas/ A thousand thanks,


More about Erica…

As a sacred storyteller, spiritual counsellor, and ordained minister (through the Sacred Stream Foundation; in Berkeley, California), Erica's heart-centred work is rooted in creating spaces where souls feel seen, held, and heard.  She believes deeply in the wisdom of the human body and spirit; and the powerful medicine of storytelling.  Through Into the Circle with Erica O’Reilly, Erica offers 1:1 counselling support and facilitates group gatherings

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Erica’s life-long love for the arts and collaboration in community has taken her all over the world, including:  Ottawa (the Ottawa StoryTellers, 9th Hour Theatre), Toronto (Bachelor of Arts with Honours, in Theatre), New York (The American Academy of Dramatic Arts), and Northern Italy (Associazione Culturale Linguistica Educational).  

With Irish and French ancestry, Erica continues to be reverently grateful to the traditional spirits and land keepers of the unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation; where she was born, raised, and currently resides.  Míle buíochas for the opportunity to live, create, and walk alongside you.

‘Stories of Samhain: An Irish Storytelling Event’, November 2023. Part of the Ottawa Storytellers 2023/24 Signature Series Season.

Recently, her theatre company Into the Circle Theatre premiered its inaugural show (Stars, Stones, and Shadows: A Heroine’s Tale) at the 2023 Ottawa Fringe Festival to rave reviews.  

Into the Circle Theatre is passionately rooted in reverently honouring the tradition of the seanchaí in a modern context.  Through the weaving of Irish culture, history, folklore, and mythology, we share hallowed tales of women re-membering and re-claiming their embodied wisdom and sovereign power.

I look forward to journeying alongside you.

Le grá go deo / With love forever,

Erica O’Reilly

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Faílte (Welcome), Beautiful Soul. Let's take a journey together; along this sacredly winding path as we re-member the wisdom and magic woven within our blood and bones.


Rooted within the realms of re-membering and reclaiming the wisdom of the body, the power of the voice, and the magic of the spirit | Sacred Storyteller | Spiritual Counsellor | Éire of blood and bone | Found amongst tales of spirit and land